TM-15 Marker by BT Paintball Mark

The TM-15 is the perfect choice for our woodsball enthusiasts. The body of the TM-15 paintball gun is built for high performance and strength, while at the same time remaining lightweight enough to carry all day long. This marker features a true electropneumatic operating system as well as reduced sound signature, allowing for stealth in any of its firing modes. With the standard Picatinny rails, the choice of accessories are endless.


-Magnesium body built for durability while remaining lightweight
-Bolt out back design for easy cleaning maintenance
-True electropnuematic operating system
-Shift firing modes on the fly : including safe/semi/burst/full auto
-Semi/PSP/NXL/Millenium firing modes
-Stealth body design, allowing for less sound and more stealthy gameplay
-Universal, mini-style trigger threads
-Multiple rails allow for easy customization
-Quick battery change through removable magazine
-Low pressure operation (200 psi)
-No external hoses : internal airline operation